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In The Loneliness Epidemic you will learn:

- The roots of loneliness in our society
-Being alone vs. being lonely
-Study on impact of loneliness in the US
-Loneliness among seniors
-The medical consequences of chronic loneliness
-How to reconnect
-How to reach out to the lonely

About your presenter:

Jane Barton


Jane W. Barton, author of Caregiving for the GENIUS, is a passionate speaker, writer, and listener. As the founder of Cardinal, LLC, she provides educational programs, books, and blogs to assist people in confronting the daunting challenges posed by aging, serious illness, and the end of life. Jane is well versed in the areas of grief and bereavement, caregiving, hospice and palliative care, change and transition, and spirituality and health. She presents innovative, transformational programs to community members, healthcare providers, pastoral caregivers, clergy, funeral service providers, and national audiences. As the Caregiving Ambassador for AARP Colorado (2014-2018), she offers educational programs for personal and professional caregivers throughout the state of Colorado.

Previously, Jane served as Director of Education for a hospice and palliative care educational institution in Denver, Colorado. She has also served as a chaplain and bereavement facilitator in hospice and palliative care. Jane is a certified Spiritual Director as well as a Certified Senior Advisor.

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NOTE: If you missed Jane Barton's previous webinar from November 2018 "Collaborative Care for Caregivers: How to Ask for Help" you can still listen and view the slides at the link below:

In the Collaborative Care Webinar you'll learn:

  • The cost of "going solo" as a caregiver
  • What is "collaborative care"
  • Why it's hard to ask for help and receive it
  • How to overcome resistance to assistance
  • The keys to collaboration
  • "Rules" to remember about collaborative care
  • Resources to help you

NOTE: If you missed Jane Barton's previous webinar from October 2018 "Bridge Time: Dealing with the Consequences of Change" you can still listen and view the slides at the link below:

In the Bridge Time webinar you'll learn:

  • The impact of expectations on our response to change (e.g. illness, aging, loss and grief)
  • Why we resist change
  • How to think of change and transition as a "Bridge Time"
  • Factors that contribute to resilience
  • Ways to build resilience for ourselves, loved ones and patients
  • How to view change as an opportunity to "lean in" to life
  • How to use meaning and ritual as resources during times of change