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Death Expo 2016: AGENDA

Death Expo 2016 features 12 speakers over 4 days on various topics in the end-of-life arena. The theme for this year's event is "Changing the Perspective on Death."

From the links on this page you can access the 12 Speaker Pages (by clicking on each Speaker's name) and also go to the Event Page for each presentation. Replays will be available for 72 hours after each presentation.

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THURSDAY - November 10th

"Through the Camera Lens: Right, before I die"         

Andrew George, Photographer

Andrew George, a photographer from Los Angeles, will present his series of photographs and stories gathered on the palliative care unit at Providence Holy Cross Hospital. He will share how he conceived of this project and the impact it has had on him and others who have viewed his work. The presentation will include slides and the opportunity to talk with Andrew and ask questions.

Event Page                Thursday November 10th -  1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern 



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"Improving Medical Training Through Palliative Care Education"    

Shoshana Ungerleider, MD

In this presentation Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider will discuss the Ungerleider Palliative Care Education Fund, a program she created to further palliative care education for residents-in-training. Learn how medical care at the end of life is being transformed through Shoshana's visionary programs, including the film Extremis.

Event Page                    Thursday November 10th - 3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern  


"Navigate the Uncomfortable By Preparing Long Before the Need Arises"

Alison Anthoine, JD

Attorney Alison Anthoine has a passion for helping people prepare for the end of life long before they get there. In this presentation she will discuss the initiatives she is currently involved with including her End-of-Life Navigator Program, the online resource platform bevival.com. and the new Long Before the End Book Group. PLUS: There will be a drawing for a copy of the Mortalls game at the end of the presentation!

Event Page                    Thursday November 10th - 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern 



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FRIDAY - November 11th

"Celebrants: Providing Modern and Meaningful Ceremonies for Life's Transitions"

Charlotte Eulette

Charlotte Eulette, who is the international director of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute,will share the important role that celebrants play in modern society, how celebrants are changing the perspective on death, and how and why to consider becoming a celebrant, either as a second career or to enhance your current work.

Event Page                Friday November 11th - 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern



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"Urban Death Project: A Sustainable After-Death Alternative"

Katrina Spade

In this presentation, Katrina Spade will introduce us to the concept of "Re-composition", which is fundamental to her Urban Death Project. She will discuss the reasons why an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial and cremation is necessary. You will also learn about opportunities to support this project through a crowdfunding campaign.

Event Page               Friday November 11th - 3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern

Support Urban Death Project's Crowdfunding Campaign: https://recomposition.causevox.com/

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"Final Passages: Reawakening the Sacred at the End of Life"

Jerrigrace Lyons

Jerrigrace Lyons founded the first death midwifery and home funeral guidance program in the US and has trained many of the death doulas who are practicing today. She will discuss conscious dying and creating scared space at the end of life, especially when the medical needs of the patient can be distracting. You will learn how the home funeral movement is changing the perspective on death in our society. PLUS: There will be a drawing for a copy of the Mortalls game at the end of the presentation!

Event Page                  Friday November 11th - 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern



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SATURDAY - November 12th

"The Heart of Grieving"

Michelle Peticolas

Michelle Peticolas, grief coach and filmmaker, will discuss her film series The Secrets of Life and Death, and particularly the documentary The Heart of Grieving. You  will learn how she uses film to help people open to a deeper exploration of life and death.

SPECIAL: You can watch The Heart of Grieving during Death Expo as a pay-per-view screening by registering at this link: http://heartofgrieving.com

Event Page                         Saturday November 12th - 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern



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"Holistic Nursing, Integrative Nurse Coaching Care at the End of Life"

Barbara Dossey, RN

Holistic nursing pioneer Barbara Dossey will discuss compassionate care of the dying and how Florence Nightingale is a role model for today's nurses. You will also learn about an integrative approach to care that embraces body, mind and spirit.

Event Page                       Saturday November 12th - 3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern


"The Chrysalis™ Room: Transforming Death in the Nursing Home"

Loretta Downs

Loretta Downs, the founder of the Chrysalis Room project will talk about how she conceived of the idea and convinced a nursing home to create the first Chrysalis Room. You will learn of the benefits of this approach to the end-of-life in long term care facilities and how to advocate for a Chrysalis Room in your own community. PLUS: There will be a drawing for a copy of the Mortalls game at the end of the presentation!

Event Page                      Saturday November 12th - 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern


SUNDAY - November 13th

"Transforming the After-Death Experience for Loved Ones"

Amy Cunningham

Amy Cunningham, who has been named one of the most innovative funeral professionals in the country, will share her perspective on the modern funeral movement, including home funerals and green burial. She will discuss her passion for instilling meaning in each phase of after-death care, including the transfer of the body.

Event Page                     Sunday November 13th - 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern

"Coaching Yourself Through Grief"

Don Eisenhauer

Don Eisenhauer who is a hospice chaplain, pastor and grief coach will share his strategies for coping with grief and managing the emotions that arise during times of difficulty. He will also discuss the benefits of using the coaching model when ministering to the dying.

Event Page                       Sunday November 13th - 3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern

"Mortalls: The Death-Positive Conversation Game"

Jim and Jess Erskine

Jim and Jess Erskine are the father-daughter team responsible for creating Mortalls, a game to encourage deep conversations about death and dying. They will talk about their inspiration for this game and how it is helping to change the perspective on death in our society. You will learn how the game works and how to purchase it for your own use.

Event Page                     Sunday November 13th - 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern


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