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a presentation of ... Creative Healing, LLC

                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Welcome to

Death Expo 2017! 

Below you'll find links to the Keynote Presentations as well as the Encore Interviews. Return to this page (Speakers Page) when you want to listen.

Enjoy listening!

Keynote Speakers

Thursday November 16th

Caleb Wilde

"Confessions of a Funeral Director: Transforming the Death-Negative Narrative"

Meina Dubetz RN

"When Death Comes

Knocking for

Your Patients"

Friday November 17th

Jane Duncan Rogers

"Before I Go:

How to Do a Good


Larry Wildemuth


A Game for End-of-Life



Death Expo Encore Presentations

(click link to listen at any time)

Problems getting access to the presentations?

Visit the HELP page for solutions!

End-of-Life University (EOLU) is an online interview series about death and dying issues that airs twice a month all year long.

EOLU is your trusted voice for information and thoughtful conversations about the end of life, as well as a networking hub for providers of end-of-life services all around the world. Join the community to share your story and get connected with others who are passionate about changing how we live and how we die.

View the Home Page for End-of-Life University here.