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a presentation of ... Creative Healing, LLC

                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine


What you hold in your hands is a priceless treasure, a book of wisdom. [The stories] are not about death or endings; they are about life, new beginnings, and the opportunity you have, every moment of every day, to live more fully, freely, and with something better than happiness…unfettered joy.

Brant Huddleston -

Host of Dance Past Sunset


Karen reveals her wisdom from her position as a physician in hospice as she shares the amazing stories of the dying. In these stories she gives us a glimpse of the meaning of our existence. Intertwined between the stories she maps how to release the fears of our own death. This a beautifully written book that comes to us with deep love and caring

Patt Lind-Kyle, Author of Embracing the End of Life:

A Journey Into Dying and Awakening


I’ve read many books in my life, but yours contains some of the most wise and pure teachings I've seen. You put all of your formidable heart, mind and soul into this. WOW is all I can say right now ... the stories are so compelling and transformative. The biggest surprise for me has been the inner healing I’ve experienced.   

Dr. Mark Pitstick - Author of Soul Proof and

Greater Reality Living