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End-of-Life FILMS

Feature Films:

Keep in mind that these feature films are primarily fictional stories that can be very compelling and cathartic. Some of them contain humor and may be more comfortable for an audience not quite ready to dive deeply into the subject of death.

These selections would be perfect for a small group Movie Night in someone's home. You can simply purchase the DVD or stream the film from Netflix or another provider. Serve up some popcorn and other snacks and have an enjoyable evening with some conversation about these important issues.

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You can read more detailed reviews of some of these movies by clicking on the title.

Documentary Films:

These films deal much more directly with the subject of death and dying and can be great conversation starters. Your audience should be prepared to see images of dying people, dead bodies, coffins and funerals. Some movies also deal with controversial issues such as assisted dying. Make sure you preview the films so you'll know if they are appropriate for your audience. 

Click on the title to go to the website for each film.