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a presentation of ... Creative Healing, LLC

                                   Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Having problems getting access to Death Expo?

Here's help!



I didn't receive an email with the links to speakers

1. FIRST: Go to this page to see all the links for all of the speakers - Bookmark the page or save it to your Favorites so you can easily return to it again in the future.

2. Check to make sure the email didn't land in your SPAM file. Add [email protected] to Contacts on your email list.

3. If you use gmail check under the PROMOTIONS tab to see if the email shows up there. If so, drag the email into your inbox so that you will receive the emails there in the future.

4. Check to see if you've signed up by clicking on this link and re-entering your first name and email address. You'll receive a message saying you're on the list already if you are and if not, you'll now be registered.

 Links in the email don't work

1. Your email service provider may not allow live links in emails. In this case you will need to copy and paste the URL of the link into your browser window in order to go to the page.

BUT you can also access all of the speakers from the Speakers Page rather than through your email:

2. The links may be broken or for some reason didn't transfer properly in the message. Go to the Speakers Page to access all of the speakers:

 I missed an interview and don't know how to hear the replay

 1. Go to the Speakers Page, click on the Speaker's name (for Encore Presentations) or the "Learn more" link (for Keynotes) and you'll be taken to a page where you can access the replay for that speaker.

2. Check your email inbox for an email that includes links to the replays

The audio player on the Event Page doesn't work

1. If you are having issues, we first recommend you update your flash player from the site:

2. Once that is up to date, it may simply take a page reload or a browser restart to get the page to work correctly. Next, the web browser you are using to access the event may need to be updated, and in general we do recommend either firefox or chrome for the best operation with our site:

3. Within the Internet Explorer browser, there are known issues with some of the older versions accessing the live or recorded events. To get around these issues, you will need to either update to the latest version, which you can do from the (Tools > Windows Update) option, or switch to compatibility view, which you can do from the (Tools > Compatbility View) option.

4. Beyond that, it could also be a problem with the computer itself, as various anti-virus, anti-spyware software, and browser plugins or toolbars can be a bit overprotective, or a problem with the internet connection, since certain proxy and firewall settings can cause issues. We recommend disabling any additional software you may have installed and trying the page again.

 I'd like to sign up for Death Expo but I don't want to keep getting emails after that

 No problem! You can sign up now so you'll receive all of the notifications for Death Expo. Then when it's over just go to any email from us, scroll down to the bottom and click on UNSUBSCRIBE. That will remove you from our mailing list. Click here to sign up.