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Opening The Heart Of Western Medicine

Recommended Reading from EOL University:

Proof of Heaven by

Eben Alexander III, MD

The Best Care Possible 

by Ira Byock, MD

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Lessons fm the Crematory

by Caitlin Doughty

A Matter of Life & Death

by Karen Wyatt, MD

Turning the Corner on Grief Street by Terri Daniel


Fierce With Age

by Carol Orsborn

Map of Heaven by

Eben Alexander III, MD

Dying Well 

by Ira Byock, MD

The Last Adventure of Life by Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund

What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living ...

by Karen Wyatt MD

Embracing Death 

by Terri Daniel


Nothing Short of Joy

by Julie Bond-Genovese

It's OK to Die by 

Monica Williams-Murphy MD

The Four Things That Matter Most-Ira Byock MD

Enjoy Every Sandwich

by Lee Lipsenthal, MD

The Legacy Letters

by Carew Papritz

A Swan in Heaven 

by Terri Daniel


Sacred Dreams & Life Limiting Illness by

Rev. Terrence McGillicuddy