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Katrina Spade

Urban Death Project: A Sustainable After-Death Alternative

Katrina Spade is the founder and director of the Urban Death Project, a sustainable and environmentally friendly system for disposing of dead bodies. In this presentation Katrina will introduce us to the concept of "re-composition" and explain why we need alternative options to traditional burial and cremation.

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Katrina Spade is the founder and executive director of the Urban Death Project, a new system for gently and sustainably disposing of the dead using the process of composting. Katrina has focused her design career on creating human-centered, ecological, architectural solutions. Prior to architecture school, she studied sustainable design and building at Yestermorrow Design Build School, with a focus on regenerative communities and permaculture. While earning her Masters of Architecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she received a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture to build and monitor a compost heating system, a project which helped initiate the Urban Death Project. Katrina earned a BA in Anthropology from Haverford College, and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is an Echoing Green Climate Fellow.

Website: www.urbandeathproject.org

Facebook: facebook.com/urbandeathproject/

Twitter: @urbandeathproj

YouTube: TEDx Talk with Katrina Spade

Support Urban Death Project's Crowdfunding Campaign: https://recomposition.causevox.com/

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3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern

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