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We're passionate about providing death education to our communities and these course are designed to support that vision!

 "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

– Nelson Mandela

Death & Dying Class Instructor Training

This course will help you create a class or workshop on death and dying that you can offer in your community, online, or at a school or university. You'll learn how to plan, structure, market, and deliver your class to your target audience, whether you want to teach a 3-hour workshop or a full semester college course.

Step-by-Step Roadmap for End-of-Life Planning

The Step-by-Step Roadmap Course walks you through everything you need to know and consider before you make decisions about your end-of-life plans. Through the exercises included in the course you will clarify your own values and goals for later life and find it easier to make decisions for the future.

(NOTE: If you want to teach your own course on end-of-life planning 

you are free to use any of the materials from this course after you purchase it. 

You'll receive a $20 discount if you enroll in both courses!)

Surviving the Aftermath of Suicide

This 2-hour workshop presents a personal look at the experience of a suicide death of a loved one and discusses tools for surviving loss due to suicide, which would be helpful for death doulas to use in their work. 

The workshop includes tips for supporting those who are grieving a suicide death 

and a BONUS handout: Poems and Prayers for Funerals After Suicide

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