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Over the years I have had the privilege of speaking to a variety of audiences in many different settings, from large conferences as a keynote speaker, to hospital grand rounds, community events, volunteer celebrations, college classes, and hospice staff retreats. 

I love inspiring audiences with heartfelt stories and energizing them with reminders to live life fully and with joy! My hospice work, medical training, spiritual awareness, and life experience have given me a rich foundation of knowledge and wisdom from which to draw my presentations. 

Each talk I give is as unique

as the people in the audience!r.

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My most requested talks ...



Over time I've developed a range of interests within my field and I enjoy speaking on a wide variety of subjects.

Below is a list of my most requested talks, which is by no means exhaustive. If you have a need for a different topic, don't hesitate to ask if I can meet that need.

I will customize any presentation to fit the length and style you require for your conference or training. I look forward to working with you to make your event a success!  

Keynote presentations ...

What Really Matters:

Life Lessons from Hospice Patients

This inspirational presentation explores the opportunity for healing and growth that exists during the end of life, the final stage in human development. The audience will discover the key lessons that can transform how they live each day of life and understand how to experience the joy of being alive in every moment.

In addition this presentation can include tools and practices to help patients find peace at the end of life.

Earth Lessons for the Soul:

Finding Meaning in Life and Death

This 60-75 minute presentation will focus on the 7 key “Earth-lessons” each of us must struggle with at the end-of-life in order to transition peacefully to the afterlife.

We will discuss 4 stages of spiritual development that are common at the end-of-life, the primary lessons that must be mastered at each stage, and practices to assist the dying in moving to a higher level of spiritual awareness before death. This lecture can include an experiential component to demonstrate some of the practices for the dying.

Educational talks ...

Tools for Talking With Patients

About the End-of-Life

In a recent survey 99% of physicians reported that they feel it is important to have conversations with patients about their choices for the end-of-life. Yet only 14% of them are actually having these conversations. The survey respondents indicate that a lack of training in how to talk to patients about the end-of-life is the greatest obstacle, including not knowing what to say or when to say it.

This presentation provides practical training for healthcare providers in conducting end-of-life discussions and provides a step-by-step guide with tools for informing patients and helping them define their wishes.

Filling the Well: Caring for Ourselves

While We Care for Others

Hospice and palliative care workers are increasingly at risk for compassion fatigue and burnout as they deal with families in crisis and suffer repeated losses in jobs that demand long hours and a high degree of emotional commitment. In addition, those who are motivated to care for others often find it difficult to care for themselves and may not recognize the signs that their own “well of compassion” is running dry.

This session will present an overview of the risk factors and common characteristics of compassion fatigue and provide some simple tools for increasing resilience and achieving balance in work and home life. Multiple strategies for physical, emotional and spiritual self-care will be demonstrated for nurturing ourselves while we give to others.

The "NEW" Death and Dying:

How Grassroots Movements are Changing

the Landscape of the End-of-Life

In the past decade numerous grassroots organizations have become popular in the US and around the world as the Baby Boom generation begins to struggle with aging and the end-of-life. Movements such as Death Café, the National Village Movement, death doula practice, social model hospice homes, home funerals, and green burials are gaining momentum across the country as informed consumers begin to seek out options and choices for their later years. In this presentation we will look at these popular new movements andthe impact they are having on end-of-life care.

What Baby Boomers Want:

Evolving Hospice Care for the Future

As the 78 million members of the “Baby Boom” generation move into the later years of life, their sheer numbers alone will likely have a significant impact on the hospice industry. But the members of this generation also have several unique characteristics that set them apart from their predecessors, providing both challenges and opportunities for hospices involved in their care at the end-of-life. This session will analyze the traits and trends of the aging Baby Boomers and offer an integral perspective of the changes needed to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs at the end-of-life. 

What others say about my work ...


Rev. Terri Daniel

Afterlife Awareness Conference

"I first became acquainted with Dr. Karen Wyatt in late 2013 when I was interviewed on her radio show for End-of-Life University. I was so impressed with her knowledge, compassion and credentials that I invited her to present at our Fifth Annual Afterlife Conference, and to participate in our “Conscious Dying in Clincial Settings” panel discussion.

Her presentation received 100% positive feedback for both events. Attendees agreed that she was an engaging speaker who delivered substantial information and provided practical tools for assisting the dying. I highly recommend her as a speaker, lecturer or facilitator."

Kris Kington-Barker

Executive Director, Hospice of San Luis Obispo County

"It was an honor to have you speak at both the luncheon and the evening presentation. Your down to earth style of presenting enhances your visibly vast interest and understanding of end of life issues and available and still needed resources.

The feedback from our staff, volunteers and the audiences you spoke to have been very positive and appreciative. I am personally motivated by you, your heart and your spiritual connection to your work and calling. I look forward to remaining connected and continuing to learn how to better see the beauty in living with appreciation for each day and dying with gratitude.

Thank you for joining us Karen. Your visit was a gift and I would love to have you back anytime."

I'll make it easy for you ...



Here's how I will help with your event:

  • Initial phone conversation to discuss your needs and brainstorm ideas for how I might contribute to your event

  • Direct access to me via phone and email and I will respond promptly to your requests

  • I will announce your event on my blog, podcast and social media channels

  • I will provide a unique resource page exclusively for conference attendees that includes a download of my slide presentation, and a list of books, articles, and other resources I think your audience will find helpful

  • Discount book purchase rate so that each member of the audience can receive a book and "take home" the message

  • CME and CEU credits may be available for certain presentations (ask me about it!)

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