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Resources for
The Journey from Ego to Soul

These resources have been gathered to accompany your reading or listening experience through The Journey from Ego to Soul. Pick and choose whatever is helpful to you as you craft your own unique journey of spiritual growth. You can also download all of these resources as a Workbook by clicking the button below. 

Helpful Tools

Tips for Journaling

Getting to Know Your Shadow

Chapter 2

3-2-1 Process for the Shadow

Deep Breathing 

Ego Assessment

Life Journey Map

Chapter 3

Self-Compassion Practice

Letting Go Meditation

Talking to Your Pain

Chapter 4

Fearless Love Meditation

Best Self Exercise

Chapter 5


4-View Forgiveness Practice

Polishing the Window

Embracing the Enemy Within

Chapter 6

Mantra for the Present Moment

Chapter 7

Heaven and Earth Meditation

External and Internal Goals

Chapter 8

Bridge Meditation

Serenity Practice

Chapter 9

Death Meditation

Mandala Practice

Chapter 10


Gratitude Practices

View the GRACE Workshop Here:

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