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 ANNOUNCING: Dr. Wyatt's Latest Book!

When things fall apart in your life

an extraordinary opportunity arises

for spiritual growth

and transformation ...

but you need guidance to get there.

Through stories,

spiritual wisdom, and

dozens of practical tools

The Journey from Ego to Soul

shows you how to

rise above the ego and

live a “Soul-guided” life

of peace, joy and love.

"Now more than ever ...

this is the book the world

needs to help us rise

above global crisis."

- Carew Papritz, Award-Winning Author of The Legacy Letters

As we face an unprecedented global pandemic and devastating climate change this book of wisdom from a hospice physician can teach us how to navigate the challenges before us:

  • Coping with loss and grief

  • Facing our mortality

  • Finding love and joy in the midst of sorrow

  • Transforming fear into spiritual growth

Read this book to gain the tools you need for living fully in difficult times.

Released May 12, 2020

Available NOW!

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As a hospice physician, Dr. Karen Wyatt has been widely recognized for her caring presence with patients and her deep understanding of the spiritual aspect of health, illness and dying. After the suicide death of her father she spent years studying spiritual wisdom while listening to the stories of her hospice patients. From the depths of her own broken heart she found a path to transformation that changed how she practiced medicine and how she lives her own life.

She is the author of multiple books and the host of the popular End-of-Life University Podcast where she shares wisdom for living life fully as well as interviews with experts from various fields on dying, death and grief.

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Now Available

for FREE Download!


What Really



This free workbook contains practices, journaling prompts, and an assessment to accompany the book and help you focus on your spiritual development. Download and print these pages to help you create a personalized plan for spiritual growth and track your progress over time.

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