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The EOLU focus for 2018 is 

Death Education for Everyone!

If you are interested in teaching a death and dying class these free Teaching Guidelines will help you get started with tips on finding a venue, structuring your class, creating a syllabus, and more.

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Karen Wyatt MD

If you are:
     - interested in working in the end-of-life arena
     - curious about death and dying
     - hoping to lessen your fear of death
     - longing to live life fully and fearlessly

You've come to the right place!

I'm here to be your guide, supporter, and motivator as you take steps to change your own mindset about death and dying and change our society as well.

I'll share with you what I've learned over the years as a hospice physician and what I'm discovering on my own journey through later life. Together we'll explore what's possible, face our fears, and figure out how to make the most of this fragile life here on planet Earth. Come and join the movement!

Face Your Fears.      BE Ready.      Love Your Life.


Get inspired with these ...


Stories of hospice patients and transformation at the end of life.

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An adaptation of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching from the perspective of death.

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Stories and poems written during my journey of grief after my father's death.

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Information you need to be prepared for the end-of-life here.

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Tips for making your community 

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Listen to great conversations ...

End-of-Life University Interview Series

This FREE interview series consists of in-depth educational interviews with experts from all aspects of the end-of-life. You'll hear conversations with people who are passionate about changing the way our society deals with dying, death, and after-death decisions. When you sign up for EOLU you'll receive the "BE Ready: Checklist for End-of-Life Planning" and email notifications each time a new interview is broadcast.

Recent End-of-Life University Interviews:

Learn how Melissa Unfred, the Modern Mortician, is changing the funeral industry in her community.

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Learn about Authentic Presence training for healthcare providers who work with patients at end of life.

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Special Events!!

WEBINAR with Jane Barton

October 30, 2018

5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern

Learn how to engage the changes of life rather than resist them in this presentation with speaker and former hospice chaplain Jane Barton.

Jane will share tips for strengthening resilience to the changes of later life (aging, loss and grief)and how to use meaning and ritual to embrace a new way of being.

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A Year of Reading Dangerously:

exploring death and the afterlife through books

Join this FREE reading group! For the entire year of 2018 we'll be exploring death, dying and the afterlife by reading books that challenge our assumptions and push the boundaries of our belief systems about these "taboo" topics. You'll receive an email each month with a new book selection and a downloadable reader's guide.

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