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  • Karen M. Wyatt

Comawork: Exploring Altered States with Dr. Ingrid Rose

Learn how Dr. Rose teaches hospice workers to connect with patients in coma or other altered states of consciousness.

Thursday October 12, 2017

10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

My guest, Dr. Ingrid Rose will share with us her years of experience exploring "far-out states of consciousness" in patients, such as coma, delirium, and dementia. Her teachings include tools and techniques for connecting with and interpreting signals from patients in those states. She is also the author of the book Doorways Into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life, which describes how to connect with the dying to support them on their journey.


In this interview you will learn:

How Dr. Rose became interested in working with patients who are near death

The meaning of her term "comawork"

Signals from comatose patients she uses to help establishe communication

How others can learn this system of communication

How comawork has been beneficial to dying or comatose patients and their families

Dr. Ingrid Rose has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has lived and worked professionally on three continents: S. Africa, Australia, and the U.S. Her work spans a broad spectrum form play therapy with children; to individual, couples and family therapy; to the field of coma, death and dying.

She has explored the far-out states of consciousness that are experienced by patients in coma, with demetia or near death. She provides training to doctors, nurses and volunteers working in hospice in communication and signal awareness with those patients who are in altered states of consciousness. 

Dr. Rose has a private therapy practice and is a faculty member at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. She co-authored the book Doorways Into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life with Kay Ryan.

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