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  • Karen M. Wyatt

Death Care: Passion, Aspiration or Business with Esmerelda Kent

Today we'll discuss how care of the dying can be both sacred and sustainable with Esmerelda Kent of Kinkaraco.

January 26, 2017

10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

My guest Esmerelda Kent grew up in the post war glamour of Hollywood ,CA. in the 1950’s where she studied costume design. An early proponent of organic food and home childbirth, after a lifetime in show business as a singer and costume designer she began working in California’s first GREEN cemetery Fernwood in 2004 . As a result of the death of her parents ,her Buddhist practice ,the AIDS epidemic and most importantly the influence of the TV show “SIX FEET UNDER” she changed her career to be of service to the people and pioneered some of the very first green funeral services in the USA .

Thirteen years later she has built KINKARACO into a thriving green funeral business , as well as building “21st Century Deathcare ™” a National & International referral service for customers seeking green services in 35 US States in hundreds of family owned funeral homes as well as in Canada and Australia through KINKARACO’s contracted resellers.

Many of us who are attracted to the end-of-life arena are motivated by deep passion for this work--caring for the dying and their loved ones is indeed sacred and a cherished opportunity to be of service. But how can we make a sustainable living while we practice our calling?

Esmerelda Kent has created a thriving business over the past thirteen years providing green burial products, both wholesale and retail, to individuals and family-run funeral homes through her online company Kinkaraco. She designed the first prototype of a secular burial shroud, which was featured in the popular television series “Six Feet Under.” Esmerelda will share with us how she grew her business out of her passion for natural burial.

The highlights of this interview include:  


How Esmerelda first discovered her passion for funerals and burials 

How she gradually learned the fundamentals of the funeral industry by working in traditional settings 

Why she respects and admires traditional funeral directors 

How she recently conducted a home funeral for a friend 

Her advice for creating a sustainable business from the pursuit of a passion


Kinkaraco™ is an online supplier of green funeral products in the US and internationally. Their shrouds can be used for green burial, cremation, resomation, home funerals, full-body sea burial, and pet burial. “Kinkaraco™ is devoted to the sacred—preserving our earth’s natural resources, our communities, and our economy while best cherishing you and your loved ones.”

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