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  • Karen M. Wyatt

How End-of-Life Nurse Coaching Can Change the Way We Die with Janet Booth RN

Thursday September 15, 2016

10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

Join Dr. Karen Wyatt and her special guest Janet Booth of Living Well Nurse Coaching as they discuss the new roles becoming available to nurses as end-of-life coaches. Janet will talk about her work as a holistic nurse who applies integrative approaches to patient care and how the coaching model is especially helpful when working with patients with advanced illness and at the end of life.

In this interview you will learn:

The role of end-of-life nurse coaches

How end-of-life nurse coaching differs from hospice or palliative care nursing

How the nurse coaching model can fill in the gaps of the Western medical approach to advanced illness and the end of life

How nurses can benefit from nurse coach training

Janet Booth RN is a hospice and palliative care nurse who now works as a board-certified integrative nurse coach around issues of aging, illness and dying. Her 30 years of nursing include being a hospice nurse at the bedside, a palliative care nurse in a major medical center, and an employee health and wellness nurse for a large hospice organization.

In her work as an end-of-life nurse coach she supports people in navigating conscious aging and serious illness, helps families to talk more openly about end-of-life priorities, and provides health coaching for both professional and personal family caregivers.


She serves as associate faculty for certification programs through the International Nurse Coach Association, including a new program starting in the fall of 2016 called End-of-Life Nurse Coaching and co-created the course “Sacred Journey: Being Present with Aging, Illness and Dying” in the Washington DC area. Her current graduate studies are focused on innovative nursing leadership in the emerging models of more humane end-of-life care in the U.S.



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