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  • Karen M. Wyatt

LISTEN NOW: Caregiving in the 21st Century: Tips and Tools with Jane Barton

Learn how a proactive approach can help ease the future caregiver shortage.

NOW AVAILABLE for listening at this link:

My guest Jane Barton serves as the Caregiving Ambassador for AARP Colorado and has a long history of service as a chaplain, bereavement facilitator and director of education for hospice organizations. She will share important information about the coming caregiver shortage and how to navigate as a caregiver for those we love.

In this interview you will learn:

How serious the caregiver shortage might be in the future

How to be proactive as we plan for our own later life situations

Collaborative models of caregiving

How to overcome caregiver resistance to receiving help

Tools and resources for caregivers ANNOUNCEMENT: Jane Barton will present a free webinar on "Bridge Time: Coping with the Consequences of Change" on Tuesday October 30th.  Learn more and register at this link: Jane Barton Webinar.

Jane W. Barton, author of Caregiving for the GENIUS, is a passionate national speaker, writer, and listener. As the founder of Cardinal, LLC, she provides educational programs, books, videos, podcasts, and blogs to assist people in confronting the daunting challenges posed by aging, serious illness, and the end of life. Jane is well versed in the areas of grief and bereavement, caregiving, hospice and palliative care, change and transition, and spirituality and health. She presents innovative, transformational programs to community members, healthcare providers, pastoral caregivers, clergy, funeral service providers, and national audiences.

As the Caregiving Ambassador for AARP Colorado she offers educational programs for personal and professional caregivers throughout the state of Colorado. Previously, Jane served as Director of Education for a hospice and palliative care educational institution in Denver, Colorado. She has also served as a chaplain and bereavement facilitator in hospice and palliative care. Jane is a certified Spiritual Director as well as a Certified Senior Advisor. In a former life, she worked as a financial services representative and an exploration petroleum geologist and manager.

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