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  • Karen M. Wyatt

New Voices in Death Education

In this series of brief webinars 5 teachers of death and dying classes share excerpts from their courses with us. We hope you will be inspired to create your own community class based on your knowledge, experience and passion for the end of life!

This series includes:

Cynthia Buckley, soul midwife and end-of-life guide, teaches about the profound beauty of sitting in vigil with the dying

Malynda Cress, hypnotherapist, hospice volunteer and companion for the dying, discusses her work with the unresponsive dying and how we can best support them during their final days

Susan Oppie RN, end-of-life nurse and co-founder of One Washcloth, shares the importance of restoring deathbed rituals in medical settings to help with grief and loss

Dee Dee Turpin, facilitator in end-of-life care, describes the transformative 3-step process she uses to guide people to greater death awareness and serenity throughout the end of life

Carolyn Van Ness, nurse practitioner and end-of-life doula, discusses the benefits we experience when we honor the entire cycle of life and face our mortality directly

CLICK HERE to view the webinars!

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