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  • Karen M. Wyatt

Positive Passings with Suzanne O'Brien, RN

Thursday July 10, 2014 - 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern



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Join Dr. Wyatt and her guest Suzanne O'Brien, hospice nurse,  to discuss Suzanne's work in helping families plan for end-of-life care and death with clarity and dignity. Suzanne has created Positive Passings, a community based organization dedicated to providing education and support to families as they make plans for end-of-life care. She also provides the End of Life Doula Program to train community volunteers to be a resource at the end-of-life.

In this interview you will learn:


how we can help alleviate the future family caregiver shortage that has been predicted for the US

what can be learned from a hospice program in the developing nation of Zimbabwe?

what do non-medical caregivers most need to know in order to provide care for their loved ones at home?

Suzanne B. O'Brien is an end of life educator, consultatn and author of Life, Love and Transition: Guidance for the End of Life (2012)--a guide to achieving a dignified, meaningful death through the hospice experience. Suzanne resides in New York's Hudson Valley, where she has been a registered nurse and hospice nurse for over 15 years.

Suzanne uses her medical training and natural gift of empathy to help her patients and families make the transition from life to death through the final months, week, or days, making sure their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are being met.

The lessons Suzanne has learned at he bedsides of dying patients have taught her that our duty to the dying is to care for them holistically at the end of life. They must fel comfortable, pain-free, and dignified. Having an honest conversation about death with the dying person and their family is integral to her phiosophy.

Suzanne's training in spirituall, alternative and medical healing led her to her curent role as hospice nurse and advocate. In addition to her training as a registered nurse, acute oncology nurse and hospice nurse she has received:

Degree in Transpersonal Counseling and Spiritual Ministry at the Association for the Integrations of the Whole Person in Los Alamitos, CA

Certification as a Reiki Practitiioner: Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY


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