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  • Karen M. Wyatt

Anam Cara: The Non-Medical Social Model for Hospice Care with Mitcheal Metzner, PhD

Thursday April 30, 2015

10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

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Join Dr. Karen Wyatt and her guest Mitcheal Metzner, PhD, who is the CEO of Gabriel's House at Anam Cara, a non-medical hospice house based on the social model for end-of-life care. They will discuss the recent resurgence of interest in the social model for hospice care and how it may change the future of end-of-life care.

In this interview you will learn:

the history of the non-medical social model for hospice care

the difference between the non-medical social model and the medical inpatient model of hospice care

how to overcome community resistance to neighborhood hospice care

guidelines for starting a social model hospice house

how Anam Cara is meeting the challenges of being a small stand-alone non-profit organization

Mitcheal Metzner

Dr. Metzner has worked with many private and government agencies developing policy and regulatory practices, including the White House, helping President Clinton’s administration draft the Memorandum on AIDS and leading HIV training for White House staff. He reviewed and edited the Americans with Disabilities Act and Surgeon General Koop’s national public health policy, and has drafted policies and congressional testimony. A well-known public health scientist, Dr. Metzner’s skills and knowledge areas include: HIV, hepatitis C, influenza, TB, substance abuse, clinical epidemiology and behavioral psychology research, instruction and training, public health policy and education, and end of life care.

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