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  • Karen M. Wyatt

Ep. 17: Planning Ahead for Whole-Body Donation with Kayla Hrabak

In this interview you will learn:

An alternative end-of-life option

Benefits of being a whole-body donor

The importance of human tissue for medical advancements

Kayla Hrabak is the Communications Manager at United Tissue Network, where she empowers people who want to make a difference through whole-body donation by uniting them with professionals dedicated to the advancement of medical technology, training and education.

In her current role, Kayla leads the communications department at both the Arizona and Oklahoma locations to increase community awareness. Her focus involves leading the marketing initiatives for potential donors and clients, as well as monitoring the overall health of the department. Kayla is both passionate and dedicated in educating the community about the benefits of being a whole-body donor. Her driven attitude lends itself to juggling and tackling any number of tasks, big or small.

She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Advertising from Northern Arizona University.

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