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  • Karen M. Wyatt

LISTEN NOW: Contemplative End-of-Life Care for Healthcare Professionals with Kirsten DeLeo

Learn how to develop authentic presence in care of the dying to benefit both patients and providers.

NOW AVAILABLE* for listening at this link:

*(As a NEW feature on End-of-Life University you can listen any time to this interview.

You no longer have to tune in at a scheduled time or wait for the replay to arrive by email!

Just click on the link above and start listening - NOW or LATER.)

My guest Kirsten DeLeo will share how she teaches healthcare providers the art of presence so that they can work more effectively with patients at the end of life and avoid experiencing burnout. The "Authentic Presence" training she coordinates through the Spiritual Care Program offers continuing ed credits to students and includes an 8-day immersion retreat.


In this interview you will learn:

The meaning of "authentic presence" and why it is important

A simple practice for "coming home" to presence

How having a contemplative practice can benefit healthcare providers

How to address fears of death and suffering

About the "Authentic Presence" training: how it is structured; who it is for; when it is offered; how to register

Kirsten DeLeo is the lead teacher for 'Authentic Presence,’ a certificate program in contemplative-based end-of-life care. Kirsten is trained in the Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic approach to psychotherapy and has served as a counselor supporting individuals with terminal illness and their families, hospice volunteer coordinator and educator at various healthcare and academic institutions. She is the author of the forthcoming book 'Heart Advice for Accompanying the Dying' by Shambhala Publications. In this experiential session, we will explore how we can meet a dying person where they are at - while being aware of, yet not run by our fears, insecurities or feelings of unease. Kirsten will share contemplative science, hands-on experience and key practices that can enable you to stay present with others while remaining open, spacious and centered in yourself. 


(When you call to register mention that you are an EOLU subscriber)


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