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  • Karen M. Wyatt

My Good Grief with Cheryl Parker

February 13, 2014 - 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

Tune in to this inspiring interview with grief specialist Cheryl Parker as we discuss her history with grief, how to cope with the process of grief and how to support others who are grieving. In addition, Cheryl will talk about her family's experience with organ donation after her daughter's death. This interview will cover:


What you need to know about grief 

How to help a grieving loved one 

The most common myths about grief


Cheryl Parker is a loss and life coach. She has a Project Management background but after her 8 year old daughter Rachel died in 1998, while taking her own healing journey, she found a passion in helping others work though their grief process and tackle adversity. She was the National spokesperson for Organ donation in 1999 after honoring her daughters wishes to be an organ donor. This lead to several tv and radio appearances and she had several opportunities over the years to do public speaking events at hospitals, churches, schools, professional administration forums, business women's luncheons and retreats .She received her Adult Teaching Certificate in 2000 and Certified in Grief Recovery in 2006, followed by 6 years of coaching experience. Featured in multiple newspapers and magazines, she is dedicated to transforming the conversation around grief so that people are freed up to live a fulfilled life. She has facilitated one on one coaching and group workshops over the years to hundreds of people and she believes that Healing is Rediscovering the Beauty of Life.

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