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  • Karen M. Wyatt

Nature-Based Rituals for Living and Dying with Sarah Kerr

Thursday September 25, 2014 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

Join Dr. Karen Wyatt and her guest Sarah Kerr, a Death Midwife and Ceremonialist who helps individuals, families and communities find spiritual practice and ceremonies that honor the soul as we move through life transitions. Sarah will discuss her work designing and facilitating rituals to help heal grief and loss. In this interview you will learn:

the role of rituals at the end-of-life

how art can help heal grief

tips for creating meaningful rituals to commemorate life's transitions


Sarah Kerr is a Death Midwife and Ceremonialist in Calgary, Canada. 

Using principles of nature-based spirituality, Sarah supports her clients and their families on the journey of illness, death or loss. With ritual, Sarah helps people connect - to the wisdom of their own souls, to their community, and to that which they hold sacred- and to draw support from these larger powers.


Meaningful ritual provides medicine for our souls, and Sarah facilitates rituals around endings and death that honour the spiritual significance of the process, and bring healing to both the living and the dead.


Sarah has a Masters Degree in Environmental Philosophy, a Masters Certificate in Intuition Medicine, and a PhD in Transformative Learning. She has also been a long-time student of Paganism and cross-cultural shamanism, and has studied with many indigenous and western teachers.


Sarah has been a community organizer, a group facilitator and trainer, and a curriculum designer, as well as leading extended wilderness expeditions in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. She is a visual artist, and integrates her painting and mixed media sculptures into her healing work.


Sarah works with clients in person, and by phone and Skype.


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